This week in adulthood: health insurance and back to school

health insurance and back to school

Navigating Adulthood

This week started out with a new milestone of adulthood: My own health insurance card! AND dental insurance. They were waiting in my mailbox when I came home from work yesterday along with my internet and credit card bill. Woo adult mail!

I also had to call AT&T again because they can’t understand that it’s over between us. I cancelled that service over a month ago and they keep sending me mail. Not just junk mail, but 2 bills. Both times I have called & told them that “We are never, ever, getting back together!” Just kidding. Luckily both times they’ve told me that I [of course] didn’t have to pay the bills, but it’s such a bother having to call them and going through the automated robot & listen to the annoying waiting music just to be reassured that I don’t need to pay said bill.

This week is…

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