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Meet Your Construction Equipment Financing Needs Online

Machines have been a major boon when it comes to their intervention for various economic activities. It could be for construction purposes, irrigation or any other task. In India, there are a variety of brands which are well-known for supplying machines of different types to cater to the varying activities.   

Construction equipment ranges from all of the heavy equipment’s to those which are portable and mobile; and even include light equipment. Their uses are varied to meet the varying construction purposes. They may include cranes, road rollers, loaders, crawlers, excavators, forklift, bulldozers, motor graders, backhoes, compactors, etc. These machines play a very important role in performing a variety of construction tasks such as construction, mining and irrigation.

Construction Equipment Loan in India

India is well known for having some of the major construction equipment financing companies across the globe having a joint venture with Indian companies or even as independent entities.  There are constantly upcoming construction projects in the country, such as for roads, power, mining, ports, etc. Thus, it is very important to also examine and study the trends that exist in the industry, any challenges that are faced and Government policies.

Very often, the people who desire possession of these types of machines depend on various financing options that are offered by banks, financial institutions and NFBCs (Non-Financial Banking Companies). They are known to offer loans of various types so as to purchase either a used or new machine. As a result of India’s inflating population and fast-growing commercial sector, the demand for these machines is constantly increasing. There are numerous projects which are running in various regions of the country, which propels the demand and requirement of these machines.

There are many online portals where people can even read about the types of machines that are available in the market. They can browse through the variety of financiers in the country so as to find an appropriate lender that meets their needs. They can also apply for various construction loans for the same from the variety of lenders that are offered in the country.


Mutual Fund Calculators: Indispensable Tools for Making Investments

Calculations may be one of the most tedious tasks that are involved while making investments. No investor would want to spend a great amount of time, manually making various calculations. This is exactly where the importance of financial calculators comes into the picture. Not only do they speed up the entire process, but are extremely useful while computing various complex financial calculations.


During times, where the internet has become an important medium where investors trade in the stock market, many online tools and calculators are available online to facilitate in the process. This is especially important when making investments in mutual funds.

Some of the different mutual fund calculators include, ‘mutual fund – returns calculator’, ‘mutual fund fee calculator’, ‘mutual fund growth calculator’, ‘SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) calculator’, etc. All the investor has to do is enter in key information (data) in the calculator. They then have to click on the ‘calculate’ button, which calculates the amount within minutes.

 For instance, the SIP calculator requires the investor to enter key information such as the amount invested per month, term of investment (in months) and the expected annual rate of return (%). After clicking on the ‘calculate’ button, the online calculator takes a few minutes to process the data and provide the necessary information. These calculators help to prevent the pitfalls that are involved in equity investment and yet enjoy high returns.

 The Mutual Funds Returns Calculator helps the investor to calculate the returns that they will get for the given period of time that has been chosen. Other than these calculators, there are others such as the STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) calculator, SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) calculator and the lump sum or payments calculator.

 Not only do these calculators help investors to make quick calculations which are error-free, but it speeds up the entire process that is involved in making investments. They are easily available on banking websites and financial portals. Investors greatly rely on these online calculators and tools while making their investments as easy, quick and convenient as possible. They assure efficiency and decrease any chance of making errors.

Thus, mutual fund calculators remain indispensable components while making these investments.

Tax Planning Calculator: Simplify Your Task!

Tax Planning CalculatorThe payment of taxes in India is one of the unavoidable expenses that every Indian must endure as long as they are living in the country. These amounts are levied by the State and the Central Governments, and also by some of the local authorities in the country such as the Municipality. Taxes are meant to be paid throughout the year, i.e. throughout the assessment year. This year starts from April 1st, 2014 and will end on March 31st, 2015.

Tax planning is therefore one of the most important activities that a person does in order to maintain a sound financial plan so as to meet their financial goals and objectives. A very tedious task to conduct, manually otherwise; there are a variety of online, free tools and calculators that facilitate in the process. One of the most important types of calculators is the Religare Online tax planning calculator.

They are easily available online, where they can be found on different websites belonging to mutual fund companies and other financial portals. They can help a person to determine their estimate tax liability, along with their average and marginal tax rates.  All a person has to do is enter in key details (information) such as salary income (basic & DA) per month and per annum, net business income, age, the amount that a person as invested/paid for deduction under Section 80C / 80CCC / 80 CCD of the Income Tax Act.

These online tools calculate your tax liability within a few moments after processing the data. They are known to be accurate and efficient tools to facilitate in the process. They are extremely useful to help a person calculate their liabilities to the Government, keep a record/track of all transactions, eligible tax credits, etc.

So, why make use of these online calculators? Not only do they save a great amount of time, but are accurate and efficient as well.  While making investments in a variety of financial instruments is very important, it is also very important to know how much money of yours is paid for tax. This can help a person to keep a tab/record of their finances and feel far more in control of their funds.  This is one of the best time-saving tools available to ensure this process.

Gold Loan: The Perfect Solution for the Informal & Unorganised Sector

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had finally given a level playing field to financial companies to offer loans against gold. These include the different banks in the country as well as NFBCs – Non-Banking Financial Companies.

In fact, it has been estimated that 10 percent of the country’s gold stock is pledged as collateral for loans. Out of this, 75 percent is in the unorganized market (pawn broker, money lenders, etc.) and the remaining 25 percent in the organised market. This is inclusive of specialized Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), other NBFCs, commercial and cooperative banks, etc.

Many people who seek this financing option often face the doubt of opting either for banks or for an NFBC. To make this comparison easier, it is important to consider certain key factors such as interest rates and processing fees.


Opted only if a person requires emergency funds, there are plenty of gold loan products that are available in the market. One of these, a term loan is easy to avail by simply pledging the gold and borrowing the money. There is also the overdraft facility which is also offered. These loans are especially common amongst the people who live in the rural, agrarian society where there are fluctuations in their levels of income. The bulk of their earnings usually come only during the two harvest seasons. Therefore, these loans become of high importance to these people.

These are extremely useful financing options for people residing in urban areas, in case they urgently require funds; or want to make use of the gold ornaments which are lying idle in their house. While the interest rate for banks usually is within the range of 12-16%; for NFBCs it is between the ranges of 14-26%. The additional costs, such as the processing fees are often between the ranges of 0.025-1.5% of the loan amount. It is very easy to apply for these loans online or by visiting the bank branch to manually apply for the same.

This year, at the end of January, 2014 the Central Bank of India had issued a circular which stated that it had decided to prescribe a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio that would not exceed 75 percent for the banks which lent against gold jewellery. The formalities that are associated with obtaining a gold loan are minimal and the procedure for the same is very simple. The underlying asset in gold loans is not subject to any form of depreciation.

In short, they are extremely suitable for those people who are employed in the unorganized and informal sector



Tips to Exploit Beginner’s Luck in Commodity Trading

Financial markets have existed since the birth of industrial revolution. As several industries emerged, many trades were carried among different industries. Industries required capital to grow, and different kinds of financial instruments were created to finance them. At the same time, they also required natural resources to sustain their production line.

The trade of natural resources gave rise to the creation of commodity markets. Since their inception, these markets have allowed individuals to buy and sell resources. In India, commodity market was not exchange regulated until the formation of MCX. With MCX, all the transactions have been market regulated.

With MCX being the market regulator, the liberty of trading all kinds of good has been suspended. Few metals and agricultural products are now available for trade, and all deals are required to revolve around them only. Over-the-Counter deals do exist, still their reliability and security is a subject of controversy. So, beginners, who are completely naïve about this arena of trading, can venture into the market by opening an online commodity trading account with companies like Religare Online.


Capital markets and commodity markets are similar with respect to instruments traded. You can start simple by buying or selling units of metals or agricultural products. Gold and silver are traded heavily in the market, and you can exploit their price movements to fetch lucrative returns. But, if you want to venture into the derivatives segment, then commodity calls and puts are always there at your disposal.

All the natural resources, like gold, silver, crude oil, rubber, etc, are classified as arduous goods. Their prices are affected by international market movements whereas agricultural merchandize like corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, etc., are soft goods. Beginners can always refer to news and trade in soft goods. The initial returns may be low, but the assurance of recovering your initial capital is high.

If you are a beginner who wants to harness the movements of commodity markets, then do some substantial amount of studies and market research, before you punch your first deal.

The Many Avenues of Investment

The Many Avenues of Investment

You have finally fetched yourself a good job. And the best part is it also pays you well. Now comes the most important agenda when you reach this stage of earning and that is savings. But in today’s ever inflation growing world mere saving isn’t the solution.

One has to even make the right kind of investments in order to build their wealth for the future needs and emergencies. Let us put light on some of the avenues one can bring to use to not only park their money safely but also to build the right kind of wealth.

This option is one of the hot favourites among Indians. There are some good reasons to it though, the major one being the rate of interest incurred from the investment made through this avenue within a year’s time. The rate of interest however depends from person to person but on an average 10% is provided by many of them. The best part of FDs is that they are completely risk free.

If you wish to  venture into the stock market but want to go slow on the risk factor than mutual funds are meant for you. They comparatively come with less risk and the rate of earnings is comparatively higher than that of FDs.

They are as equal to buying gold however on papers. They appreciation and depreciation happening on them are as per the ones happening in the actual metal market. So if you don’t wish to take care of the security of the jewellery you can always opt for these bonds.

  • Real Estate

 One of the hottest avenues to invest into especially in India. The ever soaring property rates have surely made it difficult for the upper class to give it a thought. But the once who can afford it must surely give it a shot. Some have even experienced 100% appreciation to their investments.