The Many Avenues of Investment

The Many Avenues of Investment

You have finally fetched yourself a good job. And the best part is it also pays you well. Now comes the most important agenda when you reach this stage of earning and that is savings. But in today’s ever inflation growing world mere saving isn’t the solution.

One has to even make the right kind of investments in order to build their wealth for the future needs and emergencies. Let us put light on some of the avenues one can bring to use to not only park their money safely but also to build the right kind of wealth.

This option is one of the hot favourites among Indians. There are some good reasons to it though, the major one being the rate of interest incurred from the investment made through this avenue within a year’s time. The rate of interest however depends from person to person but on an average 10% is provided by many of them. The best part of FDs is that they are completely risk free.

If you wish to  venture into the stock market but want to go slow on the risk factor than mutual funds are meant for you. They comparatively come with less risk and the rate of earnings is comparatively higher than that of FDs.

They are as equal to buying gold however on papers. They appreciation and depreciation happening on them are as per the ones happening in the actual metal market. So if you don’t wish to take care of the security of the jewellery you can always opt for these bonds.

  • Real Estate

 One of the hottest avenues to invest into especially in India. The ever soaring property rates have surely made it difficult for the upper class to give it a thought. But the once who can afford it must surely give it a shot. Some have even experienced 100% appreciation to their investments.


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