Mutual Fund Calculators: Indispensable Tools for Making Investments

Calculations may be one of the most tedious tasks that are involved while making investments. No investor would want to spend a great amount of time, manually making various calculations. This is exactly where the importance of financial calculators comes into the picture. Not only do they speed up the entire process, but are extremely useful while computing various complex financial calculations.


During times, where the internet has become an important medium where investors trade in the stock market, many online tools and calculators are available online to facilitate in the process. This is especially important when making investments in mutual funds.

Some of the different mutual fund calculators include, ‘mutual fund – returns calculator’, ‘mutual fund fee calculator’, ‘mutual fund growth calculator’, ‘SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) calculator’, etc. All the investor has to do is enter in key information (data) in the calculator. They then have to click on the ‘calculate’ button, which calculates the amount within minutes.

 For instance, the SIP calculator requires the investor to enter key information such as the amount invested per month, term of investment (in months) and the expected annual rate of return (%). After clicking on the ‘calculate’ button, the online calculator takes a few minutes to process the data and provide the necessary information. These calculators help to prevent the pitfalls that are involved in equity investment and yet enjoy high returns.

 The Mutual Funds Returns Calculator helps the investor to calculate the returns that they will get for the given period of time that has been chosen. Other than these calculators, there are others such as the STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) calculator, SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) calculator and the lump sum or payments calculator.

 Not only do these calculators help investors to make quick calculations which are error-free, but it speeds up the entire process that is involved in making investments. They are easily available on banking websites and financial portals. Investors greatly rely on these online calculators and tools while making their investments as easy, quick and convenient as possible. They assure efficiency and decrease any chance of making errors.

Thus, mutual fund calculators remain indispensable components while making these investments.


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