The Technology of Online Banking

Technology is advancing each day opening up avenues of comfort and style. With banking becoming an active and indispensable part of our lives, online banking has come to the fore and is making lives easier around the globe. Online transactions induce a fear of fraud. Though the online securities are massive and efficient, cyber-crime sometimes find a way to circumvent them. A few precautions during transactions can make online banking exceedingly safe, comfortable and easy. To avoid the risk of loss or fraud, few steps below hold the capability of guiding the masses through the digits of online banking.

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1) Building a strong password: All online banking transactions are secured by the user password, in the absence of which the transaction cannot take place. Creating a password with the combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters is advisable, since the risk of hacking is minimized. Also, longer the password, better is the protection.

2) Use a secure computer with a strong antivirus: Irrespective of the type or function of the computer, safety software is essential. Avoid the usage of computers at shady corners of the city, since safety of the account can be compromised either by using the SMS facility or an email. So, don’t forget to ask your bank for notifications. Thus, in case of any kind of an “uncalled for” transaction, you would immediately be notified and a quick action will be made possible.

3) Keep a close tab on your account: With online banking accessible anytime-any-day, it is easy to keep a check on your account. This helps in detecting any unwanted changes and dealing with the same accordingly. Online banking is nothing to fear from if little things mentioned above are taken care of. So yes, learn to go a bit tech-savvy with your banking too.


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