Debunking The Most Common Myths Related To Health Insurance

Looking at the common work culture, most people tend to spend most of their lives in a desk bound job. Sitting for long hours and munching on your favourite burger is definitely not how you are supposed to remain healthy. Sedentary lifestyle remains one of the biggest reasons for the increase in a number of diabetes and heart patients. Moreover, the ever rising medical costs is another reason of deteriorating health conditions in India. When the maximum population of your country is unable to afford quality treatment, it only results in untimely death which is nothing but saddening.

Experts suggest that only way out to such situation is a health insurance policy. An insurance policy will ensure availability of funds in the times of emergency. Nobody would like the feeling of losing their loved one just because of financial crunch, a health insurance policy will make sure that you and your family receives on time financial assistance. However, there are a few myths related to purchasing a health insurance plan, the below post will debunk such common myths.

No need for an individual policy:

As we all are aware that several work organisations provide a health insurance plan to all their employees, most of the people think that it is enough to safeguard them. This is one of the biggest and the most common myth related to a health policy. The plan given to you by your company will not have enough coverage options and will lapse as soon as you leave the job which is why it is advised to purchase an individual mediclaim policy. You can buy an individual health insurance online to avail lower premium rates.

Buy a policy just to save taxes:

The common perception among Indians, related to insurance is that it is only for tax savings. If you also have purchased a policy to save taxes and ignored most of the policy details then you will be startled at the time of making claims. So, make sure you go through all the policy related documents and study them in depth.

Once bought, needs no updating:

People tend to buy an insurance policy and later forget about it. They think that it will only be required in times of emergency. This myth better be busted, as it is mandatory to renew the policy each year. The terms listed in the policy may change every year with the renewal, it is crucial to be updated with the changes.


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