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Ease and convenience through an EMI calculator for Personal Loans

A happy moment is when you see no financial barriers whatsoever. You and your family are living happily with sufficient funds. It is at this time, that you feel relaxed without any worries whatsoever. Unfortunately, life is not always a fairy tale. At least once, there comes a situation where you might face with a major financial problem. It might be a huge loss in a business venture or just some shortage of money to fulfil your short term requirements.

I need money
I need money

At such times, there is one tool that aims to get you out of this situation. Its non-other than a personal loan. With this, you can resolve a number of personal and family problems. However, there are certain points that you should take note of before you select a personal loan. Here are some tips you can have a glance so that you get a secured loan easily.

Never apply for a loan in a hurry especially personal loans. First and foremost you have to make sure that the loan you choose fits your financial goals and requirement. Read all the terms and conditions that the loan works under. After you are fine with it, now is the time to get into the main factors determining the perfect personal loan for you. EMI (Equated Monthly Instalments) is what we you need to make each month. However, EMIs are offered differently by different banks depending on the interest rates charged. An EMI calculator for personal loans can help you know the exact figure.

 EMI calculator for Personal Loan from Axis Bank

With the advent, the world of internet has taken over banking too. A person can now do everything from applying for a loan to making payments anywhere around the world. Nowadays, the websites of every well-known bank or financial company provides a person with all the necessary information regarding their financial products. No more is there a need to personally visit a branch and stand in long queues to just access information. An EMI calculator is an application to let a person know what she/he is going to pay each month even before applying for a personal loan in India.

All you need to enter is simple fields like the required loan amount, the interest rate and tenure of the loan. In less than a second, the application lets you know your EMI amount. This comes in handy when you are searching for the perfect loan over the web as one would obviously select a loan that comes at a lower EMI. However, lower EMIs don’t always indicate a quality loan. Also take into consideration the reputation and service of the bank.


Knowing your insurance cost through a premium calculator

Online has become the new buzzword in India in the past few years across all major industries. All this while insurance have also been witnessing good appetite from the consumers as online purchase of insurance policies have been on the rise. The increased transparency, ease and advantage of saving money that the online world offers, makes it the preferred channel for carrying out research and renewal of policies and paying premium amounts. In fact, it is said that around 17000 policies are purchased every month.

premium calculator

Pretty similar to the online travel and retail industry, the journey of insurance industry over the web started with the emergence of various research and comparison portals. One was able to compare various insurance companies and their services that helped them come to a conclusion. This not only saved a lot of time but also made the selection task easier and effortless. These portals later on were approved by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) which was a significant milestone for both insurance companies and the IRDA itself.

When a person goes about selecting an insurance policy for himself/herself, there are two most important aspects to look out for. The insurance coverage is something that often remains the same among all the leading insurance companies in India. However, the premium amount differs from each one of them. An insurance premium calculator helps a person calculate this amount required to be paid.

Websites of probably every insurance provider comes with a premium calculator. This enables a person to know as to how much amount is to be paid for a specific policy by a specific company. All that a person requires to do is enter certain specifics regarding the scheme. It is important to keep in mind as to which company provides with the lowest premium amounts along with high coverage.

Buying insurance over the web has been growing and continues to grow in the years ahead. Therefore, while going about the process of selecting your perfect insurance plan, you no longer have to visit the insurance company itself. All of it can be done while you sit on your couch along with internet access.