List of Things to Consider Before Buying a Two Wheeler

Considering the conditions of roads in India, buying a two wheeler is always a feasible option to go for. Not only it makes whipping through traffic much easier but also makes parking absolutely anywhere convenient. But before deciding on buying a new two-wheeler, the following is the list of things you should take into consideration.


Top selling two wheeler motorcycles in India range between Rs 45000 – 50000. Although there are few international brands that sell bikes at the cost of Rs 1lakh and more. The bike you want to buy will totally depend on your affordability. If you have surplus wealth, you can buy your vehicle by paying the lump sum amount or else select the option of paying equal monthly instalments. Keep in mind that you are going to own the vehicle for at least next 5 years, it will also incur service and maintenance charges.


The model of the motorcycle is the most important factor to consider before buying one. There are sports bikes, cruisers and standard bikes. Choose one as per your comfort level. If you are a first-time rider, consider buying a second-hand vehicle and upgrade to the new one after getting a knack of riding. Also, mileage is another factor to look for; usually motorcycles start at the mileage of 80 kilometres per litre.

Financial deal:

After deciding on which model to buy, get your financial transaction done with your dealer. It is crucial to visit at least two or three dealers to avail the best deal. Also, do not forget to negotiate on prices as many sellers tend to give lucrative discounts.


As the owner of the motorcycle, it is mandatory to have a bike insurance policy by law. It not only protects you from all sorts of damages incurred by accidents but also takes up the liability for injuries caused to third parties. Many insurance providers have eased their insurance buying procedure by switching online to sell insurance policies.


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